Balance is our ability to maintain a line of gravity through the coordination of input from multiple sensory systems. 

The Essential Workshops will help you develop your handstand and increase your overall balance.


We deliver high level handstand workshops, with a combination of three coaches: a hand-balancer, a gymnast and a side-kick (facilitator).

Take the next step in your development journey and find the highest expression of yourself.​

Welcome to The Essential Workshops!




At The Essential Workshops, we focus on specific areas of learning & development when it comes to being upside-down in the handstand world.

We bring together the concept of balance and link it with anatomy theories, the connection between proprioception, our five senses, and overall mobility and flexibility.


This combination results in achieving a higher body / mind equilibrium and increases the learning experience.

The workshops are highly interactive and limited in number of participants, so you can have as much one-on-one attention as possible from our three coaches (yes, 3), therefore be able to get the most out of the workshop.

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