Bogy vd Manta

Sidekick & Facilitator | Corporate Trainer | Balance Coach

People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.

My name is Bogdan Manta, I am a balance coach, facilitator and corporate trainer (on presenting, presentations and public speaking). I'm known to be a dynamic, energetic and passionate person.

First and foremost I focus on people: what drives them, what motivates them. My motto has always been ''find the highest expression of yourself''. I strive to do that with every mentee and every participant in our workshops. Because seeing you learn something new and be excited about it, will absolutely make my day! As founder of The Essential Workshops, I focus on creating and delivering fun and educational balance (handstand) workshops. We bring together the concept of balance from hand-balancing, the psychology behind preconception and our five senses, interlinked with team cohesion principles. This combination funnels a higher equilibrium and understanding of balance. By the way, you can register here for the handstand and balance workshops.

My educational & professional background come from neuro-marketing, (corporate) communications, social psychology and multi-faceted program management. For 17 years I have worked as a creative, program director, content creator, show caller, speaker coach, senior project manager, or corporate storyteller, developing incredible projects, programs and experiences for most Fortune 500 companies, associations or non-profit organizations. Being so fortunate to work within every possible industry, all over the world, allowed me to be able to relate to every person's experience and learn how to coach, mentor, or train in the best suitable for you.

I listen to understand, not to reply. When it comes to teaching and coaching, I focus on applying neuro-psychology to different learning models, emphasizing on the human sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to stimuli. I always make sure that our workshops are not only reach in content and ''a-ha'' moments, but that they are also entertaining. By the way, you can register here for the public speaking, or for the presentations workshops.

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