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It is not only about AV (audio-visual). It is actually AVK (audio-visual-kinesthetick).

Are you presenting to colleagues, customers, or are you on stage in front of a large audience? Do you use a presentation? Then this workshop is for you!


Because your charisma, your posture and a flawless delivery are just not enough when it comes to being truly memorable when presenting. Delivering an impactful presentation, or facilitating a workshop are more than just the typical body language, voice, or disseminating content.

During the workshop led & facilitated by Bogdan Manta you will learn fundamental aspects of presenting and presentations,through very practical examples. Here are some of the topics discussed during the workshop:

the impact of primary emotions, the importance of the physical context with presentations,

presentations technical details (e.g. what is a hand held microphone, what is a dpa, what are the cones of projections),

the 7's vs. the 3's, pace, percentage of eye contact, walking on stage, the power of visual aids,

how to replace your slides with props, how to use effectively your ''chapters'',

nervous repetitions, ticks, conquering your fear,

how to create interaction with your audience, even when you deliver a presentation;

the use of the holistic approach, why the speech architecture must be part of your preparation,       
how to use effectively the right visuals, your body language, or voice, in order to support/enhance your message,              
the fundamental difference between a boring slide-show and your next level presentation. 


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