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It is not only about the AV (audio-visual). It is actually AVK (audio-visual-kinesthetick).

Are you presenting to colleagues, customers, or are you on a stage in front of a large audience? Do you use a presentation? Then the one-on-one coaching sessions will help you elevate your presentation, the story-line and most probably eve change the way you are going to present.



Every presentation is unique, no matter how many times you repeat it or you present it. The most fundamental aspect is to bring out the best in you as the speaker, and at the same time, to develop the best presentation tailored to your audience (rather than trying to shoehorn your audience into a style that doesn’t necessarily fits them, but comfortably suits you.) 

Additionally, there is a great difference in content and style for different types of presentations. Giving a presentation for your peers, or a keynote at a conference are quite different than giving a TEDx Talk, giving a motivational speech, or leading a training. This is also where we will help the speaker develop their unique style to thrive in whatever setting they're speaking.


Constructive, honest feedback. Listening more than speaking

''We were given two ears and a mouth to listen twice as much than we speak''. It's an old saying from Epictetus, which fundamentally defines a good presentations & speaker coach. It's quite important to let the speaker speak (imagine that), and offer guidance and feedback along the way.

It's all about giving room to practice, experiment, and work on your skills because this is the only way to get better at public speaking and delivering impactful presentations.

Fitting your style, not your coach's style

Ultimately, a presentations coach is in it for your success and will work with you until achieving your goals. Coaches will have their own,  characteristic, unique style. Regardless, these characteristics should transcend your individual style, because it means the coach is in it to help you be the best you can be. This is where it becomes challenging for many coaches. Truly adjusting to your style, whilst still finding the best way to share their own knowledge and experiences.

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